Grand news everyone!

We are more than excited to launch our very first resource post today!
And the best part of it? It’s for free!

This collection we are offering has been made by us, to provide easy-to-access and free learning resources, aimed at the field of digital art and design.
It’s of great importance to us to assist any newcomers in the field and guide them through the vast journey of art. Not only that, but we also provide refresher content for those who are already familiar with the basics!

Grab your free resources today!

Download M9 Bayonet Knife

Pack Includes:
– FBX File
– 4K Targa Textures (Metal/Roughness Workflow)
         – Base Color
         – Normal Map (DirectX)
         – ORM Map (Occlusion Map, Roughness Map & Metalness Map)
– 10.814 triangles

When you commercially use this, it would be great to give me credits (not a must-have).
Otherwise, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Reselling these assets is not allowed, but other than that they are free to use in private and commercial projects.